If you want to go places – it‘s best to have a plan! To progress into different or more advanced roles synvert Data Insights offers a structured career path to help you get there.

These are the typical steps our consultants can take to achieve their goals. Whether you start as an intern or senior – we got you! But as we all know, there‘s more than one path, so if you want to know more, let‘s chat!



Interns and Working Students support the teams in managing and executing projects. You gain experience by contributing to technical delivery of projects and discussions. After graduation you get the opportunity to start your career with synvert Data Insights as a consultant.
As a Consultant at synvert Data Insights you own distinct areas and workstreams of a project and you are responsible for execution rather than strategic planning. Depending on experience you are independently executing analysis and coding. You are actively involved in gathering and interpreting data and presenting findings to colleagues and clients. You can count on the support of more senior colleagues and receive an attractive training budget and time to grow your skills. After accumulating experience, you will take over the responsibility for mentoring more junior colleagues.
Senior Consultants at synvert Data Insights independently lead Big Data projects: You ensure that the objective is clear, the workstreams are flowing smoothly, and the client is constantly updated on the progress. You take over leadership responsibility and you prove your skills by contributing to internal roles like Recruiting, Marketing oder Finance. You support the growths of the company by actively looking for opportunities to land and expand.
The Fellow is a recognized expert in their technology field internally and externally from customers and partners. You take on the technical leadership and set the technological direction of synvert Data Insights. You define the technical vision with your understanding of megatrends, technology upgrade/replacement paths, and innovation. You own the technical development path of the practice. With your expertise, you take key roles in projects and contribute to the growth of the company by repetitively landing and expanding.
Associate Partners lead the practice and projects within the defined guideposts - This includes making sure the right team is in place, our values are lived and financial targets are met. You are responsible for high quality project delivery, developing and managing client relationships and identifying new business opportunities.
As a partner you independently lead the practice as an entrepreneur. You shape the culture of synvert Data Insights and ensure that the teams are enabled to deliver great quality. You are responsible for developing and managing client relationships, identifying new business opportunities and contributing to growth and development of the firm.


At synvert Data Insights, we tackle complex challenges by developing innovative solutions and leveraging cutting-edge technologies – but how would you explain your supercool job to your mother?

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