“Currently, in the EU, more than half of top manufacturers have implemented at least one case of AI in manufacturing operations.”

CapGemini 2019 


Create and integrate unique solutions, tailored to your use case, environment, and company culture. Data Science incorporates pure problem solving, algorithm building, and a huge range of technologies, to give you creative and comprehensive solutions. Our team includes a number of AI experts able to adapt the latest cutting-edge AI developments to fit your needs. Get on board the new ‘industrial revolution’ of AI.


Why work with
synvert Data Insights

We do Data Science and AI properly. Unlike standard consultancy, we employ individuals with experience from both academia and industry. Via online communities, meetups, and conferences we keep up-to-date with AI developments. Our consultants are encouraged to pursue AI/ML certification. In sum, we are determined to remain at the forefront of the current wave of AI solutions sweeping through the industry. We do this simply because it is our passion.

Computer Vision
  • Real-time object detection in image and video
  • Human-level accuracy object classification
  • Automatic text transcription
  • Detection of anomalies and automatic flagging
  • Image and video segmentation
Pattern Recognition
  • Sales forecasting (stock, customers, revenue, etc.)
  • Market trend modelling
  • Feature grouping and encoding
  • Fraud detection and automatic flagging
  • Route optimization
Assess Project Feasibility Quickly
  • Agile methodology fast-decision PoCs aimed at quickly deciding if a solution is correct for your use case.
  • A team of our experts, ready to understand your company culture, and brainstorm solutions
  • The support to ease into pilot and production when you feel ready
Other AI
  • Data generation with Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Reinforcement learning to master complex behaviours
  • Theme-based text generation (LSTM)
  • Random forest data segmentation
  • Deep Neural Networks
More Than Just a Solution
  • Projects carried out alongside your team, to make sure the decisions are yours.
  • Technical formation of your team as the project develops.
  • Tailored workshops providing your company with the independence to choose the best solutions, and to maintain them after their implementation.
The Best of The Best
  • Consultants with a wide range of different academic and professional backgrounds, providing many angles of insight.
  • Certifications, partnerships, and regular participation in AI conferences and meetups - we keep up-to-date with the rapidly developing world of AI.
  • Passion - our Data Scientists and AI experts are driven to find solutions simply because puzzles and AI is what fuels their fire.

We support your data projects – from idea to production.

Value is only created by turning initiatives into concrete actions. Towards this goal, we assist by providing a strong technical background, as well as extensive corporate experience. We are ready to help you from start to finish.


Philip Creutzmann

Senior Consultant Data Science & Applications

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